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Access Control (Configuration)
Access Control (Settings)
Access Control (Settings)
Active Response Commands (Technical Reference)
Active Responses - Introduction
Active Responses - Link Inclusion
Active Responses - Message Processing
Agentless Monitoring - Monitored Systems
Aggregated Information - Merged Alerts
Aggregated Information - Merged Event Logs
Alert Classification (Reporting)
Alerts (Individual Systems)
Analysis - Event Logs
Analysis - Performance Chart
Analysis (Individual Systems)
Analysis Functions (Functions)
Application Monitoring (Configuration)
Automated Processing (Monitored Infrastructure)


Combination Operators (Operators)
Comparison Operators (Operators)
Composite Reports (Custom Reporting)
Computer Summary Report (Status Summaries)
Concepts - Deployment Scenarios
Concepts - Monitoring Architecture
Concepts - Supported Systems
Conditions and Filters - Policy Applicability Rules
Conditions and Filters - Response Action Conditions
Configuration - Access Control
Configuration - Application Monitoring
Configuration - Core Monitoring
Configuration - Extended Monitoring
Configuration - External Servers
Configuration - Performance Data
Configuration - Report Appearance
Configuration - Scheduled Tasks
Configuration - Thresholds & Filters
Configuration (Individual Systems)
Console (Core Components)
Console Options - Defaults
Console Options - Network
Console Options - SNMP
Console Options - Tools
Conversion Functions (Functions)
Core Components - Console
Core Components - Management Server
Core Components - Operations Server
Core Components - Windows Agent
Core Monitoring (Configuration)
Credentials (Settings)
Custom Monitoring Program Output (Technical Reference)
Custom Programs - Introduction
Custom Programs - Management
Custom Reporting - Composite Reports
Custom Reporting - Merged Event Log Reports
Custom Response Action Text (Technical Reference)


Dashboard (Individual Systems)
Data Collection - Database Server
Data Collection - Introduction
Data Collection - Scheduled Collections
Data Collection Filter (Variables)
Data Storage - Data Stores
Data Store Manager (Optional Components)
Data Store Schema (Technical Reference)
Data Stores (Data Storage)
Data Types (Expressions)
Database Server (Data Collection)
Date Functions (Functions)
Day (Functions)
DayOfWeek (Functions)
DayOfYear (Functions)
Decision Functions (Functions)
Defaults (Console Options)
Deployment Scenarios (Concepts)
Disks (Reporting)


Event Logs (Analysis)
Event Logs (Reporting)
EventLogCount (Functions)
Excluded Systems (System Discovery)
Expressions - Data Types
Expressions - Introduction
Extended Monitoring (Configuration)
External Monitoring - Introduction
External Monitoring - Network Monitoring
External Servers (Configuration)
External Servers (Settings)
External Servers (Settings)


Foundation - Introduction
Functions - Analysis Functions
Functions - Conversion Functions
Functions - Date Functions
Functions - Day
Functions - DayOfWeek
Functions - DayOfYear
Functions - Decision Functions
Functions - EventLogCount
Functions - Hour
Functions - If
Functions - Instr
Functions - IsDefined
Functions - IsNull
Functions - LCase
Functions - Left
Functions - Len
Functions - Mid
Functions - Minute
Functions - Month
Functions - OIDIsBranch
Functions - OIDIsLeaf
Functions - OIDValue
Functions - PatternMatch
Functions - Policy Applicability Rule
Functions - Right
Functions - Second
Functions - String Functions
Functions - TimeSpan
Functions - ToBoolean
Functions - ToDate
Functions - ToFloat
Functions - ToInteger
Functions - ToString
Functions - UCase
Functions - Year


Gateway (Optional Components)
Group Summary Report (Status Summaries)
Groups - Introduction
Groups - Membership


Hour (Functions)


If (Functions)
Individual Systems - Alerts
Individual Systems - Analysis
Individual Systems - Configuration
Individual Systems - Dashboard
Individual Systems - Reporting
Installation - MSIs
Installation - Packages
Installation - System Requirements
Instr (Functions)
Instrumentation (Optional Components)
Introduction (Active Responses)
Introduction (Custom Programs)
Introduction (Data Collection)
Introduction (Expressions)
Introduction (External Monitoring)
Introduction (Foundation )
Introduction (Groups)
Introduction (Network Overviews)
Introduction (Policies)
Introduction (Responses)
IsDefined (Functions)
IsNull (Functions)


Key Indicators (Reporting)


LCase (Functions)
Left (Functions)
Legal Information
Len (Functions)
Licence Agreement
Licensing (Monitored Infrastructure)
Link Inclusion (Active Responses)
Logical Operators (Operators)


Managed Network Custom Program Program Output (Technical Reference)
Managed Networks (Monitored Infrastructure)
Management (Custom Programs)
Management (Policies)
Management Server (Core Components)
Membership (Groups)
Memory (Reporting)
Merged Alerts (Aggregated Information)
Merged Event Log Reports (Custom Reporting)
Merged Event Logs (Aggregated Information)
Message Processing (Active Responses)
MIB Library (Optional Components)
Mid (Functions)
Minute (Functions)
Monitorable Systems (System Discovery)
Monitored Infrastructure - Automated Processing
Monitored Infrastructure - Licensing
Monitored Infrastructure - Managed Networks
Monitored Infrastructure - Promulgation
Monitored Systems (Agentless Monitoring)
Monitored Systems (System Discovery)
Monitoring Architecture (Concepts)
Month (Functions)
MSIs (Installation)


Network (Console Options)
Network Monitoring (External Monitoring)
Network Overview Report (Status Summaries)
Network Overviews - Introduction


OIDIsBranch (Functions)
OIDIsLeaf (Functions)
OIDValue (Functions)
Operations (Settings)
Operations Server - Scheduled Reports
Operations Server (Core Components)
Operators - Combination Operators
Operators - Comparison Operators
Operators - Logical Operators
Operators - Unary Operators
Operators (Precedence)
Optional Components - Data Store Manager
Optional Components - Gateway
Optional Components - Instrumentation
Optional Components - MIB Library
Optional Components - Publisher
Optional Components - Resource Kit
Optional Components - Tools
Optional Components - Web Interface
Options - Settings


Packages (Installation)
Parentheses (Precedence)
PatternMatch (Functions)
Performance Chart (Analysis)
Performance Chart (Reporting)
Performance Data (Configuration)
Policies - Introduction
Policies - Management
Policies - Usage
Policy Applicability Rule (Functions)
Policy Applicability Rule (Variables)
Policy Applicability Rules (Conditions and Filters)
Precedence - Operators
Precedence - Parentheses
Processes (Reporting)
Promulgation (Monitored Infrastructure)
Publisher (Optional Components)


Report Appearance (Configuration)
Reporting - Alert Classification
Reporting - Disks
Reporting - Event Logs
Reporting - Key Indicators
Reporting - Memory
Reporting - Performance Chart
Reporting - Processes
Reporting - Services
Reporting (Individual Systems)
Resource Kit (Optional Components)
Response Action Condition (Variables)
Response Action Conditions (Conditions and Filters)
Responses - Introduction
Right (Functions)
Running A Program As A Response Action (Technical Reference)


Scheduled Collections (Data Collection)
Scheduled Report Output Filenames (Technical Reference)
Scheduled Report Template Program Output (Technical Reference)
Scheduled Reports (Operations Server)
Scheduled Tasks (Configuration)
Scheduled Tasks (Settings)
Scheduled Tasks (Settings)
Second (Functions)
Security Assessment Tool URL and Filename (Technical Reference)
Services (Reporting)
Settings - Access Control
Settings - Access Control
Settings - Credentials
Settings - External Servers
Settings - External Servers
Settings - Operations
Settings - Scheduled Tasks
Settings - Scheduled Tasks
Settings - SNMP
Settings (Options)
SNMP (Console Options)
SNMP (Settings)
SNMP MIBs (Technical Reference)
Status Summaries - Computer Summary Report
Status Summaries - Group Summary Report
Status Summaries - Network Overview Report
Status Summaries - System Summary List
String Functions (Functions)
Supported Systems (Concepts)
System Discovery - Excluded Systems
System Discovery - Monitorable Systems
System Discovery - Monitored Systems
System Requirements (Installation)
System Summary List (Status Summaries)


Technical Reference - Active Response Commands
Technical Reference - Custom Monitoring Program Output
Technical Reference - Custom Response Action Text
Technical Reference - Data Store Schema
Technical Reference - Managed Network Custom Program Program Output
Technical Reference - Running A Program As A Response Action
Technical Reference - Scheduled Report Output Filenames
Technical Reference - Scheduled Report Template Program Output
Technical Reference - Security Assessment Tool URL and Filename
Technical Reference - SNMP MIBs
Thresholds & Filters (Configuration)
TimeSpan (Functions)
ToBoolean (Functions)
ToDate (Functions)
ToFloat (Functions)
ToInteger (Functions)
Tools (Console Options)
Tools (Optional Components)
ToString (Functions)


UCase (Functions)
Unary Operators (Operators)
Usage (Policies)


Variables - Data Collection Filter
Variables - Policy Applicability Rule
Variables - Response Action Condition


Web Interface (Optional Components)
Windows Agent (Core Components)


Year (Functions)


ServerAssist is a server monitoring application that helps you manage your whole network infrastructure. Whether you have servers within a corporate network, hosted with a cloud provider or distributed throughout the world, ServerAssist delivers comprehensive server management, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

ServerAssist identifies performance and availability problems, provides diagnostic information, and allows comprehensive service level and performance reporting. From one intuitive console, ServerAssist provides a complete solution for centrally managing the health, performance, and availability of your entire network.

By allowing you to identify, diagnose and solve server problems before they become a crisis, ServerAssist enables you to handle critical situations quickly and effectively.