Support Personalised Introduction

We provide free technical support while you are evaluating our software, but support is about more than just sorting out problems when something goes wrong. We can also help with initial setup, configuration and day-to-day usage via an online introduction and further training sessions.

Get Maximum Benefit

While we think ServerAssist is easy to use, it is a complex and capable product, with a broad monitoring scope containing areas of functionality that deliver significant benefits, but which can sometimes be overlooked.

Personal and Interactive

Help files, PDF walkthroughs and other documentation are always useful, but sometimes it's easier just to get someone to explain things.

This is not a webinar – you don't simply sit and watch a presenter go through a structured demonstration. It's an interactive, one-to-one session that focuses on any area of the software you want to cover, from basic operations to advanced custom monitoring.

Online Convenience

The session is delivered online - we use TeamViewer to allow both you and us to see the same screen, with a simultaneous phone call. It can all take place at a time to suit you, and if it needs to be interrupted and then resumed later on, that's not a problem.

Your Network or Ours

We can connect to a TeamViewer session hosted on your network, and explain the software in your own environment and help you configure ServerAssist directly, or if you prefer, we can host the session and use one of our test networks to show you everything that the product has to offer.

No Cost

There is no charge for this introduction.

Booking a Session

To arrange a session, simply get in touch.