Features Service Monitoring

It's called a server for a reason

ServerAssist checks key services to ensure that they are running, and responds if they fail.

All Services Covered

Once per minute, all monitored services are individually checked, and if one of them is found to be not running, a notification is generated.

As part of the monitoring, ServerAssist can be configured to attempt to restart a failed service automatically.

Automatic Detection

The installed list of services is queried, and all services set for automatic startup are monitored. For later versions of Windows, demand-start services, which typically start and stop frequently, are automatically excluded from monitoring.

The list of monitored services can also be updated manually, should automatic detection not be appropriate.

Failsafe Monitoring

For the ultimate in system resilience, or for situations where it is the only known solution, it is possible to automatically restart the whole server if a failed service does not restart.

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