Features Reporting

The whole network and single systems

While monitoring will tell you about any problems detected, it's always useful to be able to look at a system, or a collection of systems, and see how they are performing.

ServerAssist provides both high-level overviews of the whole network and detailed information for individual systems.

High-Level Overviews

The overviews provide easy-to-use, colour-coded whole-network summaries, giving all the key information on a single screen.

Aggregated lists merge alerts and events for all systems, bringing important information across all systems into one place.

All overviews are available both for all monitored systems and also for user-defined groups, allowing the overviews to be limited just to set of particular systems that are relevant to an individual user.

Individual System Detail

For individual systems, a dashboard is augmented with detailed information covering memory usage, disk space, a performance chart, the event logs, service status and details of the running processes.

Drill-Down Navigation

Most overview reports allow drill-down, so that simply clicking on the summary for a system will seamlessly navigate to more detailed reporting, allowing a full review.

Dynamic Generation

When viewing reports in the console or web interface, all information is generated dynamically, ensuring its timeliness and relevance.

For later viewing, scheduled reports can be generated automatically and sent via e-mail or published to a web site.


Where relevant, ServerAssist's reports are interactive, allowing information to be displayed or hidden without regenerating a report.

For example, the Computer Summary report can show just a colour-coded summary of system states, and the detail for an individual system displayed with a simple click.

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