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Keeping everyone in the loop

The publisher allows scheduled reports to be made available to a wide audience.

The publisher is ideal for situations where staff need access to reports, but e-mail delivery to an Inbox is not appropriate.

Internal And External Publishers

Reports generated by the operations server can be sent to a remote web server, either within the corporate network or hosted externally, where they can be viewed by users who do not have direct access to the core ServerAssist systems.

The Rapid Setup wizard, part of the installation package, will install the publisher on the main ServerAssist computer, but the publisher can be installed independently on any computer running Windows with the IIS role and the ISAPI Extensions role service.

Firewall Friendly

Reports are both published and accessed using HTTP or HTTPS, and there is no need for an inbound connection to the ServerAssist system from the publisher, so there should be no firewall changes needed when publishing reports to an externally hosted publisher.

Retention Policies

Reports can be configured to automatically expire after a set time, to only keep a set number, or, if required, all reports can be kept indefinitely.

Security Considerations

When publishing to an external publisher, it is recommended that an SSL certificate is installed on the web server and that the publisher URL makes use of this, so that sensitive corporate information is not transmitted in plain text over the Internet, either when publishing reports or viewing them.

By default, the publisher uses an internal Jet database to store the reports and the data in this database is not encrypted. If required, the publisher can be configured to use a separate database management system such as SQL Server, which can be configured to encrypt all data stored. When using a separate database, the schema can be used to create the necessary tables.

reports available internally and externally