Features Overviews

Everything on a 'single pane of glass'

The overviews are divided into two types, summaries and aggregated lists.

The summaries provide easy-to-use, colour-coded whole-network summaries, giving all the key information on a single screen.

Aggregated lists merge alerts and events for all systems, bringing important information across all systems into one place.


The network overview report provides a single page summary the overall network state, divided into a number of sections: overall system state, resources, CPU load, memory usage, disk space, failed services and performance items.

The group summary report displays consolidated core health indicators across the systems in each group.

The computer summary list displays one icon for each connected computer, with the colour of the icon indicating the 'worst' core health state for that computer.

The computer summary report displays a grid of status information, together with the underlying metrics.

All four reports support drill-down, to a network overview of the group's systems when drilling down from the group summary, and to an individual system for the other three.

Aggregated Lists

The merged alert list contains all alerts for all connected systems, providing the ability to manage all alerts in one place.

The merged event logs report shows events from all connected computers, merged so that all events are presented in chronological order. This allows easy correlation of events across multiple systems.

colour-coded status indicators allow an 'at a glance' review of the whole network