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E-mail? That's so over-rated!

For some teams, e-mail is not the preferred communication medium.

Sometimes use is made of external collaboration services such as Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty or others, and sometimes third-party software is used to manage the teams tasks, which typically include more than those related to monitoring.

Web-Based Messaging

ServerAssist can send messages to these services, either by using the the built-in action to post to a web server, or by running a custom script.

Our technical support is always available to offer help and advice as needed with any bespoke integrations.

Helpdesk Integration

ServerAssist can also integrate with third-party helpdesk software that allows requests to be sent via e-mail. Combined with the message customisations available, ServerAssist can be configured to send a specially formatted e-mail to a mailbox managed by the helpdesk software, providing an integrated and automated workflow management solution.

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