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ServerAssist can monitor Windows Servers from Server 2003 up to Server 2019, all modern Linux distributions, such as those from RedHat, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu and others, network applications (file, mail, database and web servers) and SNMP-accessible hardware (routers, switches, UPSs, printers and more).


Windows systems can be monitored using a local agent, or agentlessly over the network.

An automated agent deployment system removes the need to manually run installations on each monitored system.


Linux systems can be monitored using SSH, whereby ServerAssist connects to the computer and runs diagnostics directly on the system. Alternatively, the system can be queried remotely using SNMP.


All the core network applications are covered by ServerAssist. Performance monitoring that is carried out over the network rather than locally ensures that application response times are those as seen from the perspective of an end-user.

Network Hardware

All SNMP-managable hardware is included in ServerAssist's monitoring.

ServerAssist not only checks the device is available, but also assesses its performance and other key metrics. For example, a UPS can be monitored for reduced battery capacity, or an environmental monitor for excessive temperatures.

monitor Windows servers, Linux variants, common applications and SNMP-accessible hardware