Identify, diagnose and resolve server problems


Pro-active monitoring is the best way to make sure that your whole network is running smoothly, spotting problems as soon as they occur, before they impact on the business.

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From whole network overviews in a "single pane of glass" to detailed information for an individual system, get all the information you need, drilling-down to root causes quickly.

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E-mail, custom scripts and messaging via your favourite chat system are all available, with custom formatting and scheduling adding to the flexibility available.

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Policy-based automatic processing keeps all systems configured correctly - with no user actions required. For those one-off systems, manual configuration allows customisations as needed.

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Seamlessly combine generated reports with those from other systems, putting everything you need in one place. Bring the collected data into a central system for cross-correlation with other metrics.

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And Also...

Baked-in security and encryption, proven reliability, rapid setup, flexible licensing and different editions combine to provide network monitoring that really is powerful, flexible and usable.

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