Features Monitoring

Servers, applications and hardware

ServerAssist covers all the systems on your network:

  • Windows systems
  • Linux servers
  • Applications
  • Network hardware

ServerAssist can monitor all these systems, no matter if they are on the local network, in a DMZ, across a WAN or in the cloud.

Whole Network Coverage

For operating systems, in addition to the core health indicators of processor load, memory usage and disk space, any available performance value can be collected and monitored.

Application performance is critical to most business processing, and ServerAssist can monitor applications in the way that end users see them, assessing the real-world performance of file servers, e-mail systems, databases and web sites.

The underlying physical infrastructure is also covered, with the ability to include routers, switches, UPSs, printers, environmental monitors and more in the configuration.

Detailed And Comprehensive

For Windows systems, event log monitoring provides an invaluable insight into system problems that would not be otherwise visible.

For both Windows and Linux, service monitoring ensures that all the system services that should be running are indeed running.

Of course, you still need to know when a system simply isn't there, or has rebooted unexpectedly, and availability & restart monitoring will tell you when a system goes down, when it comes back up and when it is restarted.

Since every situation is different, and often there are very specific requirements that are unique to an individual organisation, custom monitoring lets you carry out any kind of monitoring that you can think of, while still remaining fully integrated with ServerAssist's powerful and flexible notification capabilities.

so much more than just a simple ping