Features Custom Monitoring

For those one-off situations

The custom monitoring facility allows extensions to ServerAssist's core monitoring, while still enabling integration with ServerAssist's notification and alert management processing.

There are effectively no restrictions on what can be monitored – if a script or program can determine its state, then ServerAssist's custom monitoring can process the result.

Integrated Solution

The responses generated by the custom monitoring processing are handled in the same way as those for the built-in monitoring, meaning that they can be configured using the standard interface, managed using policies and generate the full range of built-in and external notifications in response to an incident.

Any program or script that is required to be on a specific server can be automatically copied to that server, and also automatically kept up to date from a central script library. There's no need to copy files to lots of servers manually.

When running a PowerShell script, batch file or Python program, the correct interpreter is automatically invoked as needed.

Simple Interface

The custom monitoring interface does not require any specialised skills or knowledge. A program or script is invoked by ServerAssist, carries out the required monitoring and then simply generates a plain-text output giving the results of the operation.

Help Available

The interfaces used by the custom monitoring are fully documented, but to get you up to speed quickly, our technical support is always available to offer help and advice as needed.

As an example of what is possible, the ServerAssist resource kit includes a custom program for monitoring certificates that have expired or are due to expire.

no restrictions on what can be monitored