Features Built-In

Messaging, processing and logging

ServerAssist can respond in a number of different ways when a monitored incident occurs on a server.

Responses can record the details of the incident, send a variety of notifications to one or more people, and take actions on the server itself.

Simple Configuration

To keep maintenance to a minimum, when sending a notification message to more than one person, there is no need to add one action per person. Multiple e-mail addressses can be added for a single action, and the same message is sent to all recipeints.

Multiple response actions can be selected for a particular incident.

Possible Actions

There are a number of built-in actions available. Not all actions are applicable to all system types.

  • Log to the internal alert list
  • Send an HTML-formatted e-mail
  • Send a plain text e-mail
  • Send an SMS
  • Post data to a web server
  • Run a program or script
  • Log to the Windows event log
  • Start, stop or restart a service
  • Restart or shut down the computer
  • Send an SNMP trap
  • Log to a Syslog server

Scripting Support

When running a batch file, PowerShell script or Python program, it is not necessary to explicitly specify the command processor, PowerShell engine or Python interpreter. ServerAssist automatically carries out the necessary processing to correctly invoke the relevant engine.

record details, send e-mails and SMSs, run scripts and take actions