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ServerAssist's detailed and comprehensive monitoring means that the vast majority of problems encountered when running a modern network are detected, but detection is only half the story. Usually someone needs to know about the problem, and they need to know all the details as soon as the incident occurs.

Available Actions

There are a large number of different actions that can be taken when a problem is detected, including logging, e-mail and SMS-based messaging, and automated resolution processing.

If e-mail notifications aren't the best approach for you, ServerAssist can integrate with external messaging applications.

Ensuring Relevance

An action can be tied to the specific details of an incident, if required.

For example, a general network administor could be kept informed of all warnings and errors logged to an event log, whereas a database administrator might only receive details of problems directly related to the operation of the databases on the system.


Each action can be permanently active or only for set times on set days. This could be used to prevent an out-of-hours e-mail being sent during the working day, for example, or to support a specific on-call schedule.

Your Message, Your Phrasing

While the messages generated by ServerAssist are concise but informative, the text can be fully customised as required.

Resolution Approach

Typically, ServerAssist does not try to automatically resolve the problems it detects, since in most cases, the resolution cannot be automated.

For example, if a file server is running low on disk space, simply deleting the oldest files, or the largest, is rarely the correct approach.

Scripted Actions

For situations where it is appropriate to automate a response, the ability to run scripts and custom programs gives complete flexibility, allowing any action to be carried out without user interaction.

Active Notifications

For fast problem resolution, some notification e-mails include links that allow one-click access to common incident management tasks.

Guaranteed Alerting

Support for on-site SMS gateways ensures that core notifcations can still reach relevant staff immediately, even in the event of the total loss of e-mail transmission capability.

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