Features Active Responses

Solve problems without leaving your Inbox

When you receive a notification message about a monitored incident, ServerAssist’s active response processing allows you to click a link in the message, or reply to the message and add a command, and as a result either change the configuration for the monitored system or perform actions on the monitored system itself.

Link Inclusion

Links are automatically added to application notification messages. and simply clicking the link will allow fast problem resolution.

Link processing is best suited to the internal corporate environment, when direct access to the central monitoring system is available from the system that is running the e-mail client.

Message Processing

When direct access to the core ServerAssist system is not available, ServerAssist can query a specific mailbox, either on a Microsoft Exchange server or a POP3 server, for messages and process the instructions found in those messages.

To enable processing of commands, the message is simply forwarded to the configured mailbox, with the message modified to include the relevant command, and the command is processed by ServerAssist. An acknowledgement message can be sent so you can be sure your command has been processed sucessfully.

Usage Scenario

if you received an e-mail about an entry in an event log, you could click the embedded link or reply as appropriate and have ServerAssist add a filter to prevent future notifications of that event. Alternatively, if you received an e-mail stating that a service had failed, you could get ServerAssist to restart the service, just from your Inbox.

Addition, Not Replacement

This functionality is not intended to replace the ServerAssist console or other system management tools, but rather is ideal when direct access to the monitored network is not possible, such as when providing out-of-hours remote support, and access to e-mail is available via a mobile phone or similar portable device.

Guide Available

To help you get active responses setup and working in your environment, an active responses guide is available.

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