Features Configuration

Getting everything just so

Getting a monitoring system fully and correctly configured can be an onerous task - ServerAssist makes it easy.

Template-Based Configuration

Policies can be thought of as configuration templates - define them once, and then apply them to multiple systems. There's no need to configure each system individually.

To ensure that the configuration is always up to date, automated processing runs whenever needed, seamlessly implementing any changes made to policies.

Automatic Scanning

The scanning and discovery will detect all the monitorable systems on your network, and you can either start monitoring them automatically, or choose which ones to monitor.

As new systems are added to the network over time, those too are discovered and processed in the same way.

One Place, All Configuration

The foundation taskpad allows all the key configuration settings - what's scanned, how it's monitored, how you're notified of problems and what reports are generated - to be managed from one single screen. There's no need to jump to different parts of the interface, or use multiple programs just to get thigns set up properly.


To be sure that you haven't missed anything, the analyser will review the configuration and make recommendation for possible improvments.

sensible defaults can be tailored for specific situations