Features Policies

Ensuring a consistent configuration

Policies allow sets of configuration data to be applied to one or more systems, providing a consistent method of configuring systems that are in similar roles.


Performance polices define the performance data to collect, together with scaling factors, thresholds, charting and alerting options.

"Auto-expanding" policies allow all the performance items within a group to be determined dynamically at when the policy is applied.

This allows a policy to easily include, for example, all the logicial disks or network interfaces on each system, without needing a different policy for each system with a different hardware configuration.

Events Log Filters

Event log policies define the event log filters to be included.


Response policies define responses to monitored incidents.

A response action hierarchy allows a response action to be defined for all incident types, for a group of incident types, or for an individual incident type.

Initial Definition

ServerAssist is shipped with a number of pre-defined policies that help to ensure consistent, accurate and effective server monitoring.


The policies shipped with ServerAssist can be modified or deleted, and additional polices can be created to represent the specific monitoring configurations required by individual organisations.

System Specific

A number of separate policies can be applied wholly or in part to an individual system or an entire group, and when applying a policy, an existing configuration can be either extended or replaced.

When processing policies automatically, applicability rules allow a policy to be limited to only systems that meet selected criteria.

a consistent method of configuring systems that are in similar roles