Features Scanning & Discovery

All systems detected

ServerAssist can scan your whole network, finding Windows servers, Linux machines, applications and network hardware.

Automated And Scheduled

By default, ServerAssist scans the network once per day, but a scan can be run manually at any time.

Discovered systems can either be automatically included in the monitoring, or placed in a list, waiting approval.

Scan Management

A report is generated whenever a scan result changes, keeping you informed about the current state of the scanning processing.

In most environments, there are legitimate systems that need to be on the network, but do not need to be monitored. Once identified by a scan, these systems can be manually excluded from future scans.

If the naming standards and addressing permit, a scan can be limited to systems that meed a naming standard, are within a specific range of IP addresses or in a certain Active Directory organisational unit.

Manual Selection

Computers and devices can also be added manually, for situations such as web servers co-located with an internet service provider, or servers that are not members of the Active Directory forest.

Servers and devices that are already monitored by ServerAssist are automatically excluded, and as are workstations, although it is also possible to scan the network for workstations, and they can be monitored in the same way as servers.

scan the whole network and fully deploy ServerAssist from your desktop