Features Automation

Let the computer do the work

Keeping the monitoring configuration up to date across a large server estate has the potential to be a time-consuming and error-prone task.

ServerAssist's configuration automation ensures that all systems are configured as intended.


ServerAssist makes extensive use of policies to configure how systems are monitored.

Change Detection

The policies used as the basis for configuration are continually analysed, and as soon as a change is detected, the policy is applied to all relevant systems automatically.

New System Configuration

When new systems are added to the monitoring configuration, the policies are applied shortly afterwards, ensuring that full monitoring is enabled without manual intervention.

Rule-Based Processing

Not all configuration is relevant to all systems. A Windows server will require different monitoring to a hardware environmental monitor. ServerAssist uses a flexible rule-based approach to ensure that only relevant configuration settings are applied to a system.

Manual Overrides

While policies provide a quick way to configure multiple systems, it is also possible to manually add or remove settings for individual systems, where a configuration-based policy approach is not quite right for a specific system.

rule-based automatic configuration with the flexibility of overrides where appropriate