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Wait, there's more...

There's more to getting a full understanding of ServerAssist's feature set and capabilities than just the details of the functionality.

Suitable For All

With its flexible licensing and multiple editions, ServerAssist fits into every network and budget.

Supporting networks of all shapes and sizes, the broad system support ensures that there's no part of the network left unmonitored.

Easy To Use

A choice of intuitive interfaces means that the technical staff can quickly and easily update the monitoring configuration in line with business requirements, while at the same time allowing other users to get full visibility into the network health if required.


Proven software can be installed with confidence, safe in the knowledge that all data is secure, and that ServerAssist's light touch won't impact the network.

Immediate Value

A fast install and an automatically generated initial configuration combine to deliver value immediately.

For more complex situations, advanced connectivity and data storage options are available.

identify, diagnose and resolve server problems