Features Reliability & Security

Established, tested and certified

ServerAssist has been proven and is in use in all sizes of network, from single servers to large corporations with domains spanning three continents.

Independent Operation

ServerAssist has no single point of failure.

Each agent will continue to monitor its own server, including sending problem notifications, completely independently, should the central operations server be temporarily unavailable.

In a similar fashion, each management server will continue to monitor its designated machines in the absence of any central management.

Total Data Control

You are in complete control of how and where all data collected by ServerAssist is stored. In a typical corporate montioring scenario, no data is ever sent beyond the network perimeter.

While some housekeeping functions are built in and enabled by default, there are no enforced data retention limits.

Traffic Encryption

When communicating with agents and other components of the system, data sent over the network is encrypted whenever it leaves the internal network, and optionally can be encrypted on the internal network as well.

Minimal Network Load

The local storage used by agents and management servers minimises the network traffic, and increases reliability.

Digital Signatures

The ServerAssist installation packages, executables and libraries are all digitally signed, guaranteeing their authenticity.

proven and secure, with privacy guaranteed