Features Network Types

Here, there and everywhere
ServerAssist can connect to all your systems, no matter where they are.

Corporate Networks

Integrating with Active Directory, ServerAssist can automatically detect the servers that are members of one or more domains and provide full domain monitoring.

As new servers are added to the domain, they are automatically discovered and added to the monitoring configuration.

Wide-Area Networks

When monitoring systems connected via a low-bandwidth WAN, ServerAssist's agent processing means that full monitoring is achieved with minimal network traffic.

Where agentless monitoring is preferred, a remote management server allows high-performance agentless monitoring without sacrificing link capacity.

Cloud Servers

ServerAssist can monitor all cloud servers, independent of the service provider.

For dynamically provisioned systems, rapid network scanning and programatic control of scanning targets means that systems are added to ServerAssist automatically within a few minutes of them going live.

Disconnected Systems

Using ServerAssist's gateway, it is possible to monitor and manage systems that cannot even be accessed directly.

monitor local, remote and cloud-based systems