Features Installation

One package with all software
ServerAssist can be installed and configured in as little as nine clicks of the mouse.

Rapid Setup

A Rapid Setup wizard manages the installation process, collecting the required information, generating a base configuration and installing the applicable components.

Key settings such as the monitored Windows domain, IP address range, e-mail addresses and mail servers are automatically detected, meaning you can have full monitoring up and running in just a few minutes.

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Single Installation

The ServerAssist installation package includes all the components in a single download. For maximum convenience, it's available as a self-extracting executable or an ISO image.

Additional operating system components are automatically installed as required.

Getting Started Guide

The getting started guide contains some step by step instructions for common tasks that will help you get ServerAssist up and running quickly.

Once the core software is installed and configured, there's other guides to help with further configuration and customisation.

Full Network Scan

As part of the installation, ServerAssist can scan your whole network, finding Windows servers, Linux machines, applications and network hardware, meaning that you have fully operational montoring as soon as the installation finishes.

For larger networks, the scan can be limited to particular domains, IP address ranges and machines following a certain naming standard.

up and running in just nine clicks