Features User Interfaces

Intuitive and consistent

The wide range of information generated by ServerAssist can be accessed in multiple ways.

Rich Desktop Console

A Windows console runs on the deskop and provides complete control over the whole ServerAssist infrastructure from one application.

The console is built using the Microsoft Management Console architecture, so can be eaily integrated with other management tools.

The console can be installed on the desktops of each member of a network monitoring team, and everyone will see the same information. If one person makes a change to the configuration, it is automatically reflected in the other consoles.

If required, full external secure remote access to the whole configuration can be achieved by using the gateway

Web Interface

A web interface makes key reports and configuration settings available using only a web browser, allowing detailed information review and configuration changes when the console is not available.

Wider Access

For other business stakeholders, such as those in less techncial roles that still need an operational oversight into network performance, scheduled reports are an ideal solution, providing a wide range of information either directly to their Inbox, or made available on an internal or publically available web server.


See the gallery for examples of the user interface.

there's a deskop client, a browser interface and a report publisher