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Understanding the legal things
ServerAssist's licensing structure means that monitoring is affordable for all budgets and network sizes.

Two Licensing Options

ServerAssist can be used either with a per-server perpetual license, or on a subscription basis, and the best approach will be determined by the level of change typically seen in the IT infrastructure.


The perpetual license provides the security of a fixed and known cost for monitoring. For larger networks, a corporate licence, giving allows unlimited monitoring of all servers, applications and network hardware running on any system owned or operated by a single legal entity, is a very cost-effective option.


The subscription license allows full access to all ServerAssist features without an up-front expense or any long-term commitment. It's a month-to-month cost, and can be cancelled at any time.


The two licensing options are not mutually exclusive. It is pefectly possible to have a number of perpetual licenses in place for the main body of in-house servers, and a number of subscription licenses that are only active on cloud-based servers that are not running all the time.

More Information

See Licensing for more details. The licence agreement is available for review.

multiple licensing options ensure complete system coverage without unnecessary expense