Features Availability & Restart Monitoring

Hello? Are you there?

Even brief outages can be a cause for concern, and an unexpected reboot, which might easily go unnoticed, can be the first indication of a serious underlying problem with a system.


The system availability monitoring doesn't just 'ping' a system, although it does that too. A suite of tests is run to make sure that all the important aspects of the system are available, and to avoid excessive notifications, you are notified once when a system becomes unavailable, and once when it starts responding again.

For scenarios where a network link needs to be checked, a simple 56 byte ICMP packet can be sent to a device on the other end of the link, allowing the availability of WAN links to be monitored but with negligible impact on the available bandwidth of the link itself.


If a system restarts, ServerAssist will, once the system is available, query it to determine the cause of the restart, and include all relevant details in the notification.

Dropped Packets

Since some dropped packets are a fact of life in any large network, ServerAssist can be configured to respond only after a certain number of availability checks indicate a loss of connectivity, reducing the number of very brief outages and other "false positives" that will generate a notification.

making sure that both the systems and the network are operational