Features Application Monitoring

Keeping the end-users happy

Monitoring a server in isolation is necessary, but may not give a full picture of its actual performance. ServerAssist's application monitoring assesses performance from the perspective of an end user.

ServerAssist's application monitoring connects to applications in the same way that end users do. A number of key performance metrics are calculated, and these can be monitored using the standard performance monitoring functionality.

File Servers

The speed at which files can be read and written and the contents of directories enumerated is determined.

E-Mail Systems

The connection time and speed at which mailboxes can be queried for messages is assessed.

Optionally, ServerAssist can be configured to assess round-trip delivery times between two different mail servers, providing a holistic veiw of the whole e-mail infrastructure.


The connection time and the time to execute a query against a database can be monitored. It is also possible to monitor a query for changes in the returned result set.

Web Sites

The connection time, page transfer time and other metrics can be monitored. The monitoring parses the returned HTML, identifying local links and follows these, so making multiple requests to the web server, more accurately simulating a real user than a single HTTP GET.

Extending the monitoring beyond simple performance, a page can be checked for the presence or absence of specific content.

assess performance from an end user perspective