Features Individual Systems

Full details for a single system

ServerAssist provides a wide range of information relating to the operation of the system, in the form of a number of status reports. The reports available vary based on the type of system.

This information can be accessed through the management console and web-based interface at all times. It can also be included as part of a composite scheduled report.

Information Types

The information is divided into a number of sections, each section focusing on a particular aspect of the system, covering:

  • a quick overview of system health
  • memory and page file usage
  • disk space used
  • a chart of performance data
  • recent entries in the event logs
  • installed services and their state
  • current processes and statistics

Focussing On A Single Aspect

The performance chart and events logs show a significant amount of information. In addition to the trend analysis capabilities, the performance chart and the event logs report support temporary modifications.

If required, these modifications can be saved as profiles, to be easily re-applied at a later date.

For the performance chart, the scale and colour of items can be changed, and individual items included or excluded from the chart, allowing individual performance values to be highlighted.

For the event logs report, the current filters can be modified and deleted, and new filters added, which enables the report to provide a narrow and deep view of one current area of system activity.

Several Systems, One Report

Composite reports can be created by taking one or more of the above sections from multiple systems, providing custom reports that give selected, relevant information across the whole network.

detailed, relevant information in one place