Features Data Collection

Supporting deep custom data analysis

ServerAssist collects a large amount of data relating to the operation of an individual server, including alerts raised in response to monitored incidents, details of events logged by the operating system and performance data, as both the raw, underlying data and high level summaries of that raw data.

Rich Information Source

This data can often yield additional insights when it is combined into one large database, particularly when it is also merged with data from other systems, allowing cross-correlation of information.

Gather And Combine

The data collection component of the operations server gathers this data from each monitored system and merges it into a central, combined data store.

Once the data has been collected, it can be analysed in a number of ways, and it is perfectly feasible to post-process the collected data in any way necessary to support specific custom requirements, such as:

  • Incident type and resolution time
  • Event archiving and tracking
  • Capacity planning and trend analysis

The data schema used is fully documented.

Guide Available

To help you get data collection setup and working in your environment, a data collection guide is available.

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