Features Personalisation

Pick a colour, any colour...

The graphics and colours used by ServerAssist may not sit well with a particular corporate style.

Logo and Colours

The logo and colourways used in the user interfaces and reports can be changed to fit with corporate branding, or to better suit those who may have trouble distinguishing some colours on the screen. The Personaliser, part of the Tools, makes this a point-and-click operation.

Easy Logo Import

The Personaliser can import an image of any resolution and colour-depth to use as the logo, and will automatically resize it, maintaining the aspect ratio, to fit the standard ServerAssist layouts. The source image can be in any common format, including PNGs with transparency, for which the transparency is maintained.

Main Colours

The colours used for the text, background, headers and performance chart plot areas can also be changed, simply by clicking the relevant drop-down on the Personaliser, and selecting a colour.

More Changes Available

Although not available via the Personalier, if required, the colours used in more technical areas of reports, such as the state indicators on the computer summary report or the type indicators on an event log report can be changed, either on a system-wide or on a per-user basis. Contact Technical Support for more information.

everything tied to the corporate brand image