Monitor, alert and recover your servers, applications and network devices

Full Coverage

ServerAssist covers all the systems on your network.

  • Windows From Server 2003 to Server 2019
  • Linux RedHat, Suse, CentOS, Ubuntu and others
  • Applications File, e-mail, database and web servers
  • Network hardware Switches, UPSs, printers and more

ServerAssist can monitor all these systems, no matter if they are on the local network, in a DMZ, across a WAN or in the cloud.


Secure and Reliable

All network traffic to remote systems is encrypted, ensuring that no sensitive information is transmitted in the clear over public networks.

All collected data is stored on systems you control. Nothing is ever stored in locations outside of your own legal jurisdiction.

ServerAssist has been built from the ground up with no single point of failure - there's no reliance on a central system to provide all the monitoring.


Fast Installation

ServerAssist can be installed and configured in as little as nine clicks of the mouse.

Key settings such as the monitored Windows domain, IP address range, e-mail addresses and mail servers are automatically detected, meaning you can have full monitoring up and running in just a few minutes.

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Automatic Configuration

ServerAssist's powerful network scanning means that all monitorable systems are detected, and, if required, can be selected for monitoring automatically.

A number of built-in policies provide an initial configuration, and these can be updated to suit individual requirements and new policies added. As policies are changed, they are seamlessly applied to the relevant systems.

An analyser will keep an eye on the configuration for you, and tell you if any system is not configured as it should be.


Detailed Monitoring

ServerAssist provides deep monitoring of your entire infrastructure, covering all aspects of system operations:

  • CPU load
  • Memory
  • Disk space
  • Performance charts
  • Event log entries
  • Failed services
  • Process details
  • System availability
  • Response times

... and much more.


Immediate Notifications

ServerAssist's comprehensive range of alerting methods ensures that you always know as soon as there's a problem, no matter where you are. Incident-specific alerting means that the right people get to know about issues, as soon as they are detected.

Links in e-mail notifications allow some problems, such as a failed service or a performance threshold being crossed, to be resolved with a single click - right from within the e-mail.

Services can be restarted and operating systems rebooted automatically, and for more complex scenarios, custom scripts can be used to provide detailed corrective actions.


Comprehensive Reporting

If you want the reassurance that your network is running smoothly, ServerAssist's reporting gives you both overviews of the entire network and detailed information for individual systems.

Trending shows historic system activity, and allows you to predict future resource usage.

  • Built-in reporting
  • High-level summaries
  • Low-level detail
  • "Zoom in" on problems
  • See long-term trends
  • Custom reporting available

Large and Small Networks

ServerAssist has been designed to have minimal impact on the systems it is monitoring and the network itself, and its scalable and distributed architecture means it fits into your network, no matter what the size or structure.

  • Corporate network
  • Behind firewalls
  • Co-located with an ISP or in the cloud
  • Distributed throughout the world

ServerAssist delivers server management across these configurations and integrates easily into all network topologies.


Flexible Licensing

ServerAssist's licensing structure means that monitoring is affordable for all budgets and network sizes.

For smaller networks, the software can be licensed on a per server basis, and for larger networks, a single corporate licence allows unlimited monitoring of all servers, applications and network hardware for a single cost-effective price.

Licences are available as either perpetual, including one year of support and maintenance, or as a monthly subscription with no long-term committment.


Business Integration

ServerAssist collects a large amount of data relating to the operation of a each system, including alerts raised in response to monitored incidents, details of events logged by the operating system and performance data.

This data can be gathered and merged into a central, combined data store where it can be processed as necessary to support specific custom analytics.

The logo used by the software and on the produced reports can be personalised to present a consistent corporate branding image when communicating with external stakeholders and internally within the business.